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About Us

OrganizingTogether (OT) Consultancy Group, LLC. is an organizational development and research collective founded on the principles of experiential learning and participatory decision-making. We help organizations scale their missions through collaborative capacity building and technology. 

We are not just a group of consultants, OrganizingTogether is a culture. We see injustice in the current system and have pledged to contribute to work that benefits our local social and economic wellbeing. We provide services  on a progressive pricing model that boosts the structural infrastructure of small businesses and grassroots organizations who are on a mission to save our planet and promote transformational community change. 

OrganizingTogether also contributes 1% of its labor and revenue to the OT Foundation. The OT Foundation provides technical and financial support for community-based sustainable development projects that use technology to reduce poverty, inequity, and environmental degradation.The Foundation’s Board comprises of outside experts in nonprofit administration and technology. 

As a research and training based collaboration organization, OrganizingTogether has teamed up with Mighty Networks to host a transorganizational learning and social networking platform called the OT-Network. Here staff, volunteers, and other members can share their experiences, design and take courses on organizational development, and create a digital living library for their organization. The service is free but donations to the OT Foundation are encouraged. 

Why You Should Join?

OT-Consultancy Group is focused on strengthening organizational processes through capacity building and technology. To do this, we have designed a platform for organizations looking to use evidence-based research models and systems that will help scale operations. 

Our desktop and mobile platform offers a space for you to connect with other organizations, share tips and resources, and get access to expert knowledge through webinars, workshops, and courses. OrganizingTogether Members receive 50% off courses, templates, select services, and much more!

Become an Instructor!

Are you tired of traveling long distances as a consultant and are worried about your environmental impact? Do you have knowledge in marketing or project management? Do you want to help organizations scale? Become an OT-Consultant today! You can use OrganizingTogether Network to reach your clients all over the world. You can use OT-Consultancy Group materials and strategies to strengthen your community locally. 

To apply, email with your cover letter and resume, and tell us why you want to work with OT-Consultancy Group!

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